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Template Letter for Irish TD’s

Template Letter for Irish TD’s

Template letter for writing to/emailing your local TD

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Dear [TD’s name],

Policy Priorities for Ireland’s National Genomics Programme – Request to take part in governmental roundtables with Illumina and NRG Collective. 

I am writing to you in my capacity as one of your constituents, to make you aware of my serious concerns about the future of Ireland’s genomics programme and the impact it has had on my family’s life. 

Genetic testing  has the potential to transform people’s lives with faster, accurate diagnosis providing access to treatment, care pathways and support for those with rare genetic disorders and cancers. 

The currently fragmented nature of genomics in Ireland is hindering the realisation of these benefits. Although a commitment was made in the 2020 Irish Programme for Government to develop a national Genomic and Genetic Medicine Network, and despite the fact there have been incredible steps made to evidence need, benefit and process, progress on this initiative has been slow. 

Through their continued work to improve access to genomics services for people in Ireland, Illumina have initiated a governmental roundtable pilot to engage Irish Politicians. In order to provide first-hand insights and experiences Illumina are supporting the facilitation of an advisory panel. I would very much like, as your constituent, for you to represent me and the hundreds of other families like mine within your constituency, at these meetings. I am happy to meet you to discuss this matter further

I would also like you to raise these issues with Stephen Donnelly, the Minister for Health so that he understands completely how families are suffering without a national framework for diagnosis and treatment. The emotional, financial and physical burden of our experience is astronomical and you have the power to help us enact change for the people of Ireland as well as creating an entirely new job sector. 

You can contact me at [email] or [telephone]. Thank you for your help with this matter and I look forward to your response.

Best wishes,

[Your name]

Rare Revolution (

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