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RARE REV-inar episode 001 part 5 – Patient pathways to access

Patient pathways to access

Section 4 – I would like to end this session looking at Patient pathways to access
Question to Prof. Das (A-NIB)16.Have patients ever approached you to seek access to an unlicensed medicine via early access?  AND How do you approach that discussion to manage the patient’s expectations?
Question to Prof. Das (A-NIB)17.In your experience, has the German health authority been receptive when looking for access to treat one of your patients via an EAP?
Question to Dawn18.Based on your experience, are most country’s authorities willing to work with physicians looking to secure access for a patient?
And if we consider Lived experience
Question to Roberta 19.To what lengths have to known rare disease patients or their caregivers go to, to access a medicine not yet available in the country they live?
Question to Roberta 20.Based on your experience as a parent of a child with a rare disease, do you feel patients have an appreciation of different pathways to get access to a new medicine, i.e., clinical trials EAPS, or commercial supply?
Question to Dave, to end on a final question to you21.How can patients be educated about EAPs and how they work? What needs to be put in place? POLL

Early Access plays an important role in getting treatments to patients, but what does an EA programme look like? Join us for A multi-stakeholder look at early access pathways.

Thursday 22nd September at 2pm BST

Register here: resource link

Patient pathways to medicine access

Patient pathways to medicine access

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