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Advocacy in Hemophilia Series: Event 1: Equity of Access in Hemophilia

Hemophilia treatment and care is on the cusp of a revolution. Yet still, more than 75% of people with hemophilia still have limited or no access to diagnosis and treatment. Without a collective strategy for ensuring equity of access to existing and innovative solutions on a global scale, scientific innovation will continue to leave people behind. This Reuters Events Advocacy in Hemophilia 2022 Series, of three virtual events, being conducted in partnership with Sanofi, will take place in May, July and October. Global patient advocacy leaders will come together with esteemed topic thought leaders to collectively examine how hemophilia and rare disease advocates, policy makers, payers and regulators can truly harness innovation and break current paradigms to create a future of equitable delivery of care for all.

Leading the conversation will be experts including:

  • Cesar Garrido, President, The World Federation of Hemophilia
  • Flaminia Macchia, Executive Director, Rare Diseases International
  • Chris Bombardier, Executive Director, Save One Life
  • Tirsa Carcamo Bonilla, Project Lead, Honduran Society of Hemophilia
  • Agnes Kisakye, Executive Secretary, Haemophilia Foundation of Uganda
  • Latifa Lamhene, President, Algerian National Association of Hemophiliacs
  • Baiba Ziemele, Chairwoman of the Board, Latvia Hemophilia Society, Board Member and VWD & RBD Committee Member, World Federation of Hemophilia
  • Brian O’Mahony, Chief Executive, Irish Haemophilia Society
  • Masood Fareed Malik, President, Hemophilia Foundation of Pakistan
  • Jack Uldrich, Acclaimed Global Futurist, Speaker, and Best-Selling Author
  • Cecile Le Camus, Head of Global Medical Affairs Hemophilia, Sanofi

Together, we will advance solutions to the global hemophilia community’s most pressing needs. Register for this FREE event series here.

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