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The Patient Centricity & Engagement Conference – 10th May – London

The Patient Centricity & Engagement Conference – 10th May – London

Drive demonstrable improvements for patients with strong, innovative partnerships with advocacy groups and truly centre the patient at the heart of organisational decision making in just one day!

28 industry leaders from pharma, advocacy groups and patients themselves from the likes of GSK, Gilead, AstraZeneca, AbbVie, Pfizer, Sanofi, Biogen, Merck, ALK Positive Lung Cancer, Kidney Cancer UK, Sophia Forum, Fight Bladder Cancer and more will share their latest insights into driving forward patient engagement through innovative, embedded partnerships. From centring the patient at the heart of business decision making and hearing the honest thoughts of patient perspectives to harnessing the power of digital and virtual engagement, ensure consistent patient-centric relationships are embedded across multiple stakeholders.

Centre The Patient At The Heart Of The Business Decision-Making: Embed the patient voice throughout the business and boost their voice

Powerful Pharma Advocacy Collaboration Strategies: Develop mutually-beneficial relationships that demonstrably boost patient engagement and outcomes

Embed Collaboration Across Multiple Stakeholders: Ensure all healthcare stakeholders are moving in the same direction and centring around the patient

Drive Diversity & Inclusion Forward In Patient Centricity: Truly reach under-represented groups to ensure diversity and inclusion across trial participants, patient panels and throughout

Harness The Power Of Digital & Virtual Engagement: Meet patients where they are and engage across the patient spectrum with high-impact digital engagement strategies

Key Patients Perspectives: Hear the honest thoughts of patients and advocates on their expectations of pharma and direct actions to further embed their voice

Gold-Standard Clinical Trial Design: Deliver patient-centric clinical trials that drive engagement and recruitment sky-high

End-To-End Patient Engagement: Ensure consistent engagement throughout clinical processes and hear the patients voice at every stage

Patient Engagement In HTA’s: Ensure the patient voice is heard across HTA’s and ensure their involvement in crucial decision making

Breakdown Long-Standing Barriers: Break through consistent internal and external barriers to patient centricity and truly move patient engagement into the future

Joined-Up Patient Journeys: Drive patient journeys forwards and demonstrably boost patient experiences and outcomes

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