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UK charity PSPA raising awareness in news-style programme

UK charity, PSPA, is excited to be involved in a news-style programme called Inside Neurology: Our Unique Brain which is launching today, 10 January 2024.

The programme was produced by ITN Business in partnership with The Brain Charity to highlight the positive efforts being made in healthcare and science to support people living with neurological condition and their loved ones.

UK charity PSPA became involved in the production to help raise awareness of rare neuro-degenerative conditions; Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD).

The two conditions affect approximately 10,000 in the UK. 

The programme features a couple the charity has supported, Bruce and Neda, who share their personal experience of living with CBD. PSPA’s Chief Executive, Rebecca Packwood, and Neurologist and PSPA Trustee Dr Boyd Ghosh, also feature to discuss delays in diagnosis and accessing essential support and care. 

Rebecca Packwood, PSPA Chief Executive, said: “We’re excited to be involved in the creation of the programme Inside Neurology: Our Unique Brain.

As rare conditions, PSP & CBD are relatively unheard of even among the healthcare community. So, the programme is giving an amazing opportunity to not only highlight the conditions and how they can impact on family life. But also, the challenges people like Bruce and Neda, face in terms of getting a diagnosis and accessing relevant support and care. 

We hope the programme helps raise awareness of the conditions and also how PSPA can help.”

You can watch the programme Inside Neurology: Our Unique Brain from 10 January on ITN Hub:     

Notes for editors

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD) are two rare neuro-degenerative diseases.

They are caused by the loss of neurons in certain parts of the brain. Over time, this leads to difficulties with balance, mobility, speech, vision, swallowing and cognition.

Both conditions are life limiting. There is no treatment and no cure. 

Currently, around 60% of people living with either disease, are initially misdiagnosed with other conditions including Parkinson’s, stroke and depression. 

PSPA is the only UK charity dedicated to creating a better future for every affected by PSP & CBD. 

We will do this by:

• Providing information and support to enable families living with PSP & CBD to live their best possible lives

• Improving the quality of life for people living with the condition via research and awareness-raising

• Putting the voice of the PSP & CBD community at the heart of what we do.

For more information please 

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